Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Spanking in stock photos

Sometimes a photo, contains a hint on spanking, is much better for your imagination than a spanking photo itself. That's why some strange watermarked pics from photobanks can be so attractive. Let's make a short review of stuff, today offered by image archives under the magic tag "spanking".

Remember - discipline is not abuse
Is she an innocent victim?

Or maybe here is the reason for spanking?

That is what I call an equality in relations.

Where you both can be on a top.

No, we don't believe in children spanking. But who can resist, seeing a pretty young mother with a belt?

Like this one.

 In a sense, everyone needs to face such girl on his way.

Bend over!

It is time to relax

And to have a little fun.

P.S. Just a little expected, don't you think?

Friday, July 24, 2020

Teen daughter spanking from “Fruhreifen Report” (1973, West Germany)

Hardly such scene could be welcomed in modern cinema. But anyway that was acceptable for social satire movie from a 1970s.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The most unusual GBS movie

Continuing the theme of GBS, mentioned by Spanking Magazine Stories, let's watch one of the most wonderful movies, produced by spanking-giant of early 2000s. We all know Sophie as a cute obedient spankee. But here the new role turns her into something sensational. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sunday with Rosaleen Young

It seems, I am the worst enemy of a "new more positive tumblr", because today they banned three of very cute, quite rare, not pornographic and even pretty innocent videos with former spanking superstar Rosaleen Young. So, at least a few of die-hards will see that here. 

But really, are they not beautiful?

By the way. What is wrong with our industry right now, that today we have no new generation of spanking models with such level of charisma, acting and dedication?

And here is a little dessert.