среда, 29 июля 2020 г.

Spanking in stock photos

Sometimes a photo, contains a hint on spanking, is much better for your imagination than a spanking photo itself. That's why some strange watermarked pics from photobanks can be so attractive. Let's make a short review of stuff, today offered by image archives under the magic tag "spanking".

Remember - discipline is not abuse
Is she an innocent victim?

Or maybe here is the reason for spanking?

That is what I call an equality in relations.

Where you both can be on a top.

No, we don't believe in children spanking. But who can resist, seeing a pretty young mother with a belt?

Like this one.

 In a sense, everyone needs to face such girl on his way.

It is time to relax

And to have a little fun.

P.S. Just a little expected, don't you think?

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